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Squirrel RemovalSquirrel Control and Removal

Squirrels mate twice a year, giving birth from February to June and then again in August to September. Squirrels give birth to an average of seven baby squirrels. Squirrels are most active during the day then tend to rest and resume working at dawn.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels love to climb and therefore your attic is a prime location for them to nest. Squirrels teeth never stop growing so once inside your home they will constantly be chewing on things, like electrical wires and any kind of wood to file their teeth down. As squirrels nest in your attic the amount of fecal matter will build up rather quickly. Further, squirrel damage from chewing and noise that is caused can be quite a nuisance.

How Can We Get Rid of Your Squirrel Problems?

If you suspect squirrels have nested somewhere in your home, do not delay – get rid of the squirrels quickly by calling us. Regional Wildlife Services offers free inspections to confirm your squirrel problem and set a plan to remove them. We will find the point(s) of entry, and then take the necessary procedures to ensure squirrels stay out of your home in future. We also offer full restoration to attics if fecal matter build up has occurred and damage has been caused. Call the squirrel removal experts today for expert control service!

Let Regional Wildlife Services be the solution to your squirrel problem.

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