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The City of Burlington (Ontario) provides a great work-live environment for its residents and ample park space and streams are richly populated by a natural wildlife habitat. As the northern part of the city continues to grow, natural farmland and open space continues to displace wildlife. Also, urban renewal and increased population density plans will only continue push animals out of their current homes. Just like us, wildlife likes comfortable dwellings – don’t let it be yours!

We’re Burlington’s Local Animal Control Experts

Residents of Burlington have come to trust Burlington-based Regional Wildlife Services. We’re your local animal removal services experts and take pride in living and serving the Burlington community. Of course, we’re working on animal nuisance jobs daily in Burlington and also providing FREE quotes to our neighborhood customers with animal control problems.

As a growing city rich with wildlife habitat, we’re experiencing increased wildlife problems throughout the city. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, don’t let the animals control you! Whether it’s that raccoon pest in the attic or skunk under the deck, we can help.

Call us for a FREE quote on your animal control problem, Burlington – we’re local and can get rid of your animal problems quickly, professionally and backed by our service guarantee!