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Bat RemovalBat Control and Removal

Bats are not as bad as the reputation they have. They keep our insect population in check, consuming about 500 insects in one hour. Another misconception about bats is the myth that they are blind; this is not true, they can actual see quite well. They use high-frequency sounds, called echolocation, as their main method of communication and navigation for hunting at nighttime. Bats mate in the fall but not give birth until June. Due to the fact that the babies are still dependent on their mother for food, 1-way doors are not allowed to be installed for prevention until after August 1st.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Bats

Bats as well as mice will enter and use any building or structure as a nesting spot. Bats can use any hole as small as a Canadian dime as an entry point. Bats teeth are so small, they can bite you in your sleep and you may not even notice the bite marks. Unfortunately bats have the potential to pass along rabies to humans. Another problem with having bats in your home is that after they are gone the danger still remains -guano. Guano is the urine and droppings from bats and after guano has laid around for a couple of years, a fungus can grow in it releasing spores into the air that cause histoplasmosis in humans. Histoplasmosis can cause serious respiratory diseases, causing fever and chest pains. If left untreated, this bat initiated disease can turn into a chronic lung disease.

How Can We Get Rid of Your Bat Problems?

If you have suspicion that bats are living somewhere in your home, do not procrastinate and call us today! Regional Wildlife Services offers free inspections that may confirm your bat problem, so don’t hesitate to act quickly. We will find the point(s) of bat entry, and then take necessary procedures to ensure all bats stay out of the home. We also offer full restoration to attics if guano and build up has occurred and damage has been caused. For your bat removal and control needs, we’re the professionals!

Let Regional Wildlife Services be the solution to your bat problem.

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