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Possum RemovalOpossum Control and Removal

Possum Control – RemovalThe Opossum is a marsupial, which means that they give birth to babies at a real early stage of development, and the babies will be carried in the mothers pouch. The babies are about the size of a kidney bean at birth. The baby possum will stay in the pouch for about 2-3 months. Litters can range from 6-25 but only 13 will live because the mother only has 13 teats. Opossums give birth 1-3 times a year and usually between January and July.

Damage and Nuisance Caused by Opossums

Opossums are climbers but not diggers, which pose unique problems for home owners. Opossums will usually look for decks and sheds that are a little raised off the ground or already have an existing hole from another animal to make their den sites. Opossums will also climb on roofs to gain entry to attic spaces via roof vents, exhaust vents and/or soffits, to make a den site that is warm and sheltered from the elements. Once inside Opossum can cause very costly damage to the insulation with defecation and by compacting insulation, resulting in heat loss due to diminished R-value. Opossum removal and control should be undertaken as soon as they are noticed.

How Can We Get Rid of Your Opossum Problems?

If you think you may have an opossum problem, call us! We’re qualified experts and will handle the possum “situation”. We will inspect and quote for FREE, advising you of the measures needed to remove the opossum and prevent them from coming back. Let Regional Wildlife Services provide your complete opossum control solution today!

Let Regional Wildlife Services be the solution to your opossum problem.

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We love helping our local friends in Burlington, Oakville, Milton (all of Halton and Hamilton) learn more about opossums and how to deal with them. Here are some select articles for how to deter and get rid of nuisance opossums from your home or property!

Opossum and Your Property – Removal and Prevention

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Opossums (or, possums) aren’t necessarily dangerous to humans but they can become a nuisance. Opossums will enter your property looking for food, water and shelter, and can leave a trail of fecal matter and even [...]

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4 Reasons Why Possum Control is Important

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Possum control may not be as serious as, say, raccoon control, but you may find possums to be comparable nuisances nonetheless. While not normally dangerous to humans (unless, like any other animal, they are [...]

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