Bats in Your Attic: Dangers and How to Get Rid of Them                

There are many different critters and creatures that you may find in and around your home. From squirrels and skunks to possums and raccoons, spotting a pest in your backyard isn’t an uncommon occurrence in southwestern Ontario, or anywhere else for that matter. These critters can be a nuisance in your backyard, however they quickly [...]

Burlington & Oakville – The Top 3 Animals Found in Your Attic     

In the Burlington and Oakville area there are many pests that can create a nuisance in your home and property. These animals will often try to break into your attic, basement or deck space in search of a dark, quiet and safe place to live and have babies. Though there are a number of different [...]

Animals in Your Attic (and What They Sound Like)

  The attic, nearly all homes have one but you dare not go in there - and thus it is the perfect place for wildlife and pests to take up shelter! Are you noticing weird noises in your home? If they’re coming from above, you may have animals in your attic. Figure out what you’re [...]

Bat Control: How to Win the Battle and Get Rid of Them

Bat Removal and Control If you find bats in your house or building, the most important thing is not to panic but to get rid of the  bats quickly. Even though bats have a reputation for being evil and aggressive, this is mainly due to Hollywood hype. Bats often find homes in attics, [...]

Wildlife Removal and Control in Burlington, Oakville, Milton Ontario and Halton Region

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Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Need animal removal or pest control for your home, multi residential building, or commercial-industrial property? WE can take care of all your needs from rodent proofing, to raccoon, squirrel, skunk, bat, bird or other pest removal.
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