When Skunks Get Under Your Deck…Don’t Delay Getting Rid of Them!

When skunks get under your deck, don't delay getting rid of them...or else. Skunks are pretty widely known for the smell they can spread if threatened. But they’re actually quite the pest for more reasons than that! When you find a skunk making your yard it’s home, you want to act quickly to encourage it to [...]

Skunk Problems: What to do When a Skunk Enters Your Property

Figuring out what to do when a skunk enters your property is a dilemma that many homeowners face. Here's what you need to know about these creatures, including what they can do to your property and how to stop them. Problems that skunks can cause on your property They may leave a stinky smell behind [...]

Skunk Removal Made Easy

How to get rid of skunks! "I love having a skunk living on my property!" said no-one ever. Because let's face it, no-one wants to get close enough to one to get sprayed, let alone have to worry about catching a nasty disease from them. If this nuisance has moved in to your territory, here [...]

How to Get Rid of Skunks from Your Property (And Prevent Them From Coming Back!)

How to get rid of skunks! Do you have a skunk living on your property? Despite their generally gentle disposition and effectiveness at keeping down small-rodent populations, very few people want a skunk living around their house. Their famous defensive odour can pose a real hazard for dogs and small children, they wreak [...]

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