As we approach fall and the weather starts to cool down, you may find yourself with an unexpected friend around your home. Birds will quickly notice the warm air coming from your dryer vent and try to get in there to make themselves a nest. This may seem like no big deal, but having birds in your dryer vent can actually have some dangerous consequences so the sooner you can get them out, the safer your family will be.

Why birds like dryer vents

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There are many reasons that birds will beeline for your dryer vent in order to build their nest and lay eggs.

Dryer vents are warm

The most popular reason that birds want to build a nest in your dryer vent is thanks to the warm air it puts out. Birds are drawn to the warmth in the vent, as this is the perfect situation for a nesting mom.

They’re safe

The hidden space that is created by your dryer vent feels like the perfect place for a bird to keep her new babies safe and protected from predators.

They’re small

Because of how small a dryer vent is, it’s pretty easy to hide from larger predators. Birds also like small, enclosed and protected spaces to create their nests.

Dangers of birds in your dryer vents

Although birds and their nests likely seem quite small and harmless, there’s actually several dangers and negative results that you may experience if they are allowed to continue building a nest in a dryer vent.

Fire hazard – A nest is made with sticks, pieces of lint or fabric and other small things that a bird finds. If any of these items were to fall into the dryer vent and back into the dryer, the chances of a dryer fire increase significantly.

Poor dryer efficiency – Allowing a nest to block your dryer vent will lead to the dryer being unable to sufficiently vent out the air it creates, causing it to work harder and less efficiently.

Restrict ventilation – Blocking any air vent will cause the air that is meant to be vented to back up into the house. This can lead to respiratory problems for anyone living in the home.

Birds may get stuck – If a bird falls deeper into a vent and is unable to fly out, they run the risk of dying in your vent system or dryer. This can lead to awful smells in your home as they decay.

Signs a bird may be in your dryer vent

Although you could regularly peek inside your dryer vent to see if there is a nest inside, it’s easy to forget this step of homeownership. Recognizing some of these signs that you may have a winged houseguest can help you catch the sneaky guy quickly, before any problems occur.

  • Your dryer isn’t working as well
  • You spot droppings around the outside of the vent
  • There are small pieces of sticks, grass, leaves and other small nest-building materials around the base of your dryer vent

Act now and prevent bird re-entry

If you’ve figured out that there is a bird nesting in your dryer vent you want to get them out quickly. Although they typically only stay for about 4 weeks, if they’ve found a comfortable space to nest, they could keep coming back year after year.

The best way to remove a nest is to moisten it with water so that it doesn’t break apart from dryness and carefully reach in with either your hand or tongs to pull it out. You want to avoid pushing it deeper into the vent so if that seems like a possibility, you may need to call a professional for help.

Once the nest is removed from your vent, install an animal proof wire mesh cover to prevent them from getting back in and to keep your home safe from critters for years to come.