Squirrels can be a very annoying pest in your home and yard. Even if they haven’t found their way into your home yet, there’s probably a good chance that they will at some point. Once a squirrel has gotten into your attic or basement, the squirrel removal process becomes a bit more difficult. Because of this it’s a great idea to take some steps that may help prevent them from thinking your yard and home are a great place to hang out.

How to deter squirrels from your home

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Though they can be quite the pest, there are several things you can do to help deter squirrels from getting comfortable in or around your home.

Seal off entrances

If squirrels can’t get into your home, they won’t become much of a nuisance. Regularly take a look around the eaves of your home to ensure that there are no new holes that a squirrel could squeeze through. Your vents and chimney could also be a draw for them so ensure that they are sealed with mesh vent covers to prevent entry.

Remove food sources

Squirrels will always be tempted into spaces that have food readily available, and they aren’t picky about what kind of food! Squirrels love eating bird seed, pet food, garden offerings, naturally occurring nuts or acorns and even easily accessible garbage cans. Ensuring that these food sources are all cleaned up and sealed away can help reduce the appeal of your yard and home.

Incorporate natural repellants into your yard

There are several natural items that you can plant or add to your yard that will help convince squirrels that your home is not somewhere they want to spend time. Try sprinkling cayenne or chili pepper in your garden and around your bird feeder, spraying water mixed with hot sauce onto plants they are attracted to, planting mint in your garden or surrounding your garden with mulch. All of these materials are things that squirrels find unpleasant so they’ll act as a natural repellant.

Get a dog

Along with being a great friend for you, a dog is often the perfect foe for your neighbourhood squirrels. Your dog will likely chase away any squirrels they spot hanging out in your yard.

Think about your bird feeders

You’ve no doubt seen squirrels go through some serious acrobatics to get to the bird feeder you have set up in the yard. They are definitely determined creatures! When installing your bird feeder be sure to keep it away from any trees that they could jump from and hang it from a pole with a squirrel guard around it.

Use garden netting or a greenhouse

If your garden is clearly drawing in squirrels and the natural deterrents you’ve tried don’t seem to be working you may need to consider draping it with netting or building a greenhouse to move your plants into.

Keep your trees trimmed

Squirrels are rather agile critters and they’ll gladly use the trees in your yard to access bird feeders and your roof. Trimming the branches so that they don’t hang over your home or too low into your yard can help remove an access point for them.

Prevention is easier than removal

Although squirrels are small critters, they can make quite a large impact if they find something they like! Whether they’re getting into your gardening, terrorizing the birds or creating a den in your attic, squirrels can become a significant pest rather quickly. The easiest way to avoid the high cost of pest removal is to put measures in place that with discourage them before they even get comfortable. The last thing you want to deal with is a mama squirrel who has decided to have babies in your attic!