7 Top Tips to Deter Squirrels from Your Home        

Squirrels can be a very annoying pest in your home and yard. Even if they haven’t found their way into your home yet, there’s probably a good chance that they will at some point. Once a squirrel has gotten into your attic or basement, the squirrel removal process becomes a bit more difficult. Because of [...]

Bats in Your Attic: Dangers and How to Get Rid of Them                

There are many different critters and creatures that you may find in and around your home. From squirrels and skunks to possums and raccoons, spotting a pest in your backyard isn’t an uncommon occurrence in southwestern Ontario, or anywhere else for that matter. These critters can be a nuisance in your backyard, however they quickly [...]

Do Squirrels Build Nests?         

Squirrels are a common critter in most parts of Ontario and even North America so you’re likely quite used to seeing them run around your neighbourhood. What you may not know, however, is how they spend their nights, when they aren’t running through the trees and across the road in front of you. Squirrels are [...]

Why Do I Need Animal Proof Roof Vent Covers?         

Having vents on your roof is an essential part of maintaining good ventilation and airflow in your home. Roof vents allow for excess humidity, air and heat to escape your home, helping to preserve the life of your roof and shingles. Unfortunately, the fact that these vents provide a direct route into your attic means [...]

Burlington & Oakville – The Top 3 Animals Found in Your Attic     

In the Burlington and Oakville area there are many pests that can create a nuisance in your home and property. These animals will often try to break into your attic, basement or deck space in search of a dark, quiet and safe place to live and have babies. Though there are a number of different [...]

Why Squirrels Will Have Babies in Your House This Season  

With spring fast approaching and the warm weather returning we are on the cusp of another seasonal change that you might not have on your radar: squirrel baby season! Spring is the prime time for squirrels to start looking for the perfect place to create a nest for their soon-to-arrive babies and many times, your [...]

Your Home’s Most Common Animal Entry Points   

If you’ve noticed some telltale signs of a pest having gotten into your home, you’re probably asking yourself how they managed to find their way in. The unfortunate news is that pests are often very resourceful creatures who will take advantage of the smallest space to squeeze their way into your basement, attic, garage or [...]

How to get raccoons out of your attic?

Uh oh, are raccoons in your attic? Though some think these masked bandits look cute and cuddly, raccoons are actually a pest that can be quite destructive to property.  These animals can cause expensive damage and can be harmful if allowed to get comfortable in your attic. If you start hearing sounds in your attic [...]

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