Possum control may not be as serious as, say, raccoon control, but you may find possums to be comparable nuisances nonetheless. While not normally dangerous to humans (unless, like any other animal, they are provoked, or cornered and forced to defend themselves), possums can still become troublesome if they take up residence under your deck, or pop in to say hello through your doggy door.

Did you know? Possums can actually be positive creatures to have around! They may be helpful when it comes to your garden as they eat snails, slugs, insects and sometimes even small rodents (yet, they can also disrupt vegetable gardens, see 4 below).

Possom Control & Removal

Possom Control & Removal

Four reasons why you may want to get rid of possums

1. They can upset your pets.

While possums may not be a bother to you, your pets may disagree. First, your pet may not get along with the possum. This could lead to fights in which one or both animals get hurt, or worse – your pet could possibly contract a disease from the possum.

Possums have also been known to steal pet food. While possums have to eat too, your dog or cat may not be so willing to share. And you probably don’t enjoy the idea of spending money on food for your pet that ends up in the mouths of your neighborhood’s wildlife population. Once the possum learns that your home is a constant supply of food, particularly if you feed your pet close to the outside door, you can be sure that the possum intends on making return trips.

2. They can make a mess of your garbage.

Possums tend to get a bad rap when it comes to making a mess of your garbage cans. Normally, raccoons or dogs were there first, and the possum just seizes the opportunity to take some food for himself, too. Though the possum usually ends up taking the blame when spotted at the can. While it didn’t necessarily start the trouble, the possum can make what was already a mess even worse.

3. They can wreck your home.

While you don’t have to get the family tested for rabies if a possum sneaks into your home, you may have to contend with its large droppings and the pungent odor they release from their anal glands when threatened – so, basically, two things that no homeowner ever wants to deal with. Possums can also carry parasites, as well as the other diseases discussed previously, and they aren’t the cleanest of creatures so, by default, they also aren’t the most welcome of house guests.

When possums get into your home, they commonly take up residence in the attic, making the animal removal process a tough one. Possums can also do quite a bit of damage, whether they’re living in your attic or elsewhere in your home. Basements or wall cavities in particular look especially appetizing to a pregnant or nursing possum, who will bring her babies in with her in her pouch.

Your roof is another favorite spot for the pregnant or nursing possum, though you shouldn’t worry about trying to catch them all individually. Most of the time, the babies will ride around in their mother’s pouch, so if you manage to catch the mother, you are probably catching her babies as well.

4. They can ruin your garden.

Possums stay close to what they determine to be a constant food supply. Unfortunately, this can mean your garden. In addition to eating your plants and vegetables, possums can also continuously trample your garden on their trek through your yard, ruining your garden that way as well.

Possums can be fine, or not…

While possums rarely carry rabies, they can still bring other kinds of diseases into your home. They can also upset your pets, trample your garden, and cause damage to your home. Like many other forms of wildlife, possums do best when they’re out in the wild. Possums are a natural part of the environment and shouldn’t be relocated out of their local area, yet wanting to keep them off your property is why you might call wildlife control services.

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Photo Credit: © Observant Ofnature | Dreamstime.com