Animals in Your Attic (and What They Sound Like)

  The attic, nearly all homes have one but you dare not go in there - and thus it is the perfect place for wildlife and pests to take up shelter! Are you noticing weird noises in your home? If they’re coming from above, you may have animals in your attic. Figure out what you’re [...]

Animals in the Attic – Telltale Signs and What to Do!

Finding animals in the attic is more common than you might think, and needs to be dealt with promptly in order to prevent them from causing any more damage than they already have. Before you call a wildlife services removal company near you, here's some helpful info and you might be able to troubleshoot your [...]

Squirrels in Southern Ontario – Who are They and How to Rid them from your Attic

In Southern Ontario - including the areas served by us at Regional Wildlife Services (Burlington, Oakville, Milton and West Greater Toronto) the common squirrels we find are the Eastern Grey Squirrels and Red Squirrels. Don't get us wrong, we love squirrels and always remove them humanely. But we get it, homeowners want to get rid [...]

Is Squirrel Damage Driving You Nuts?

Squirrels love nuts and to property owners, they're enough to drive you nuts! The common grey squirrel is found across North America - and yes - it's right here at home in Halton and surrounding areas. Travel in any well-treed neighborhood and they are a regular sight, playfully bounding around from treetop to treetop. Sure [...]

5 Easy Tips for Squirrel Control

Squirrel Removal and Control If you are hearing noises in your ceiling, it may have squirrels in your attic needing removal. There are a number of wild animals that coexist with humans in an urban environment such as Burlington, but squirrels, birds and mice are the most common when it comes to uninvited [...]

Wildlife Removal and Control in Burlington, Oakville, Milton Ontario and Halton Region

We're your local wildlife removal services company and near you! Contact us for a fast, FREE QUOTE for the lowest cost prices in Halton Region!

Commercial & Residential Pest Control

Need animal removal or pest control for your home, multi residential building, or commercial-industrial property? WE can take care of all your needs from rodent proofing, to raccoon, squirrel, skunk, bat, bird or other pest removal.
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