When comparing squirrels versus raccoons, you may not be sure which one is the biggest nuisance overall. Some people even say theyre in cahoots with one another, working as a team! In any case, if youve ever dealt with either of these pests, you know how much of a problem they can be. Lets see which one of them wins the title of Biggest Threat.

Round 1: your home

Both squirrels and raccoons have been known to invade the attics of innocent homeowners. Squirrels are little hoarders who will be stashing piles of nuts and other items throughout your attic. Plus, theyll make too much noise running all over the place as they look for more electrical wiring and insulation to destroy. Due to their size, raccoons tend to rip open larger holes to gain access to your attic. Additionally, theyre nocturnal, so youre likely to hear them thumping and bumping around at night, disturbing your sleep (and the very fact that theyll make you overtired means youll be less well-equipped to do battle and get rid of them).

The winner of round one is the raccoon.

Round 2: your trash

Squirrels are kind enough to mostly leave your garbage alone. But raccoons are another story. These sneaky mammals are too smart for their own good and can do a remarkable job of breaking into your trash. And after they break in, to make matters worse, they have the audacity to scatter the garbage all over your property while searching through it for morsels of food. And they never, ever clean up after themselves.

The winner of round two is the raccoon.

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Round 3: your yard

Raccoons will be mostly kind enough to leave your landscaping alone. But squirrels, on the other hand, get into all kinds of mischief. They pig out on your gorgeous flowers, then follow that up with digging up other plants you worked so hard to nurture. If youre lucky, itll only slow their growth if youre unlucky, the plants will die. Theyve also been known to damage prize lawns in many a neighbourhood. When you consider how hard you worked, and how much you invested in buying supplies to grow those plants, only to have them destroyed by these uninvited guests, its a very frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Its not just gardeners who have something to fear though. Bird lovers will be horrified to find these rodents stealing birdseed from their feeders and scattering the stuff all over their yard, without showing the slightest sign of remorse.

The winner of round three is the squirrel.

And the winner of our squirrels vs. raccoons battle is

You decide. Based strictly on our three battle rounds, raccoons would claim victory as the biggest threat. However, depending on the nature of your property and how large the local populations of squirrels or raccoons are, the outcome may be different for you. Either way, these pests have got to go if theyre causing damage and messing up your home or land. Contact us today to see how we can help.