Most often, wildlife encroaching on your property can seem like a temporary inconvenience that you can quickly deal with (as you should).  When they enter your business or commercial property – it’s a huge problem. Not only can animals cause property damage, they can kill your business.

Businesses Must Deal with Animal Control Issues Immediately, OR ELSE

If you’re a business owner or manager, ask yourself…

  • Would a warehouse storing food items be happy with birds nesting within the building? (Would you clientele be happy with that?!)
  • Would a restaurant with mice in the kitchen stay in business should a customer spot a mouse?
  • Would a self-storage facility stay in business if rodents and raccoons took over the property?

Social media can be a friend and an enemy for business.

Consider in any of the above scenarios if your clients (or employees) became aware of the problem and posted it on social media? Within seconds, your wildlife and animal control problems can be posted to Google Reviews, Facebook (even on your own page!), or such influential websites like Trip Advisor (which is very important to restaurant owners and hotels).

Consider Three Approaches to Commercial Wildlife Control

1. Dealing with Wildlife Problems as they Arise

It’s important to monitor for nuisance animals and rodents at your place of business or workplace. Besides the fact your customers and staff will be turned off, it can in fact create an unsafe and unsanitary environment. In sum, deal with it quickly by calling in a wildlife control expert. If you can get a quote quickly, do so but don’t prolong getting the job done.

Once you identify the problem, animal removal experts should humanely trap or exclude the animals from any building entry points. Often, this means identifying the entry points and using one way doors rather than sealing these area to prevent the  animal from getting out. Not only would that be inhumane, but no one wants a rotting dead animal within their building. Also, as animals get desperate to escape, they can cause huge damage. Everything from ripping up insulation to pulling/biting wires (squirrels are notorious for this). In the cases of bats, their feces is dangerous and can spread a harmful virus to humans. Make no mistake, raccoons will fight their way out and if they don’t succeed, they’ll leave you with a hefty repair bill as they can cause a lot of damage.

2. Wildlife Entry Proofing (Prevention)

Smart business owners and property managers will either notice or have the presence of mind to request an inspection of their property by a qualified wildlife control technician. The purpose is to find potential areas of weakness or entry points into the building (or perimetre of the property) and seal them off BEFORE a wildlife breaches them. The advantage is simple. Pay a fraction of the cost now to prevent a larger bill later. At some point, nearly all property owners will have some sort of wildlife entry problem. Dealing with it before it happens is a sure way to save in the long run.

2. Ongoing Animal Control Programs (Prevention)

Employing an animal and pest control program is ideal for commercial buildings and properties that are particularly at risk (either because it can quickly hurt their business, or because they’re constantly vulnerable to nuisance animals or pests). This means inviting an wildlife and pest control services company to inspect your premises, employ entry proofing (per above), and then also establishing an ongoing system that is periodically monitored to deter and catch unwanted pests.

Examples include setting rodent traps, skunk or other animal traps on the exterior of a property (or along the perimetre) to keep pests out. Also, such traps can be set immediately outside the building.

Monitoring the traps and the sealed and new potential entry points on an ongoing basis will keep your building or property pest free at all times. Potential issues are picked up before they happen – period.  Yes, this does mean a low ongoing fee (usually monthly) yet it is often great value compared to the cost of one rodent or animal breach.  Simply get the best quote to meet your needs and budget accordingly (of course, please ask your wildlife/pest control provider to outline the scope and frequency of service so you can make a good comparison between vendors.

Keeping Your Commercial Property Wildlife and Pest Free

Yes, keeping your workplace or business rodent and wildlife free is easy if you’ve a preventative program in place. If not, let the experts deal with it super fast as property damage can really add up.

If you’re a business owner or manager in Halton Region (Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton) or Hamilton (Ancaster, Stoney Creek) and require pest/animal control services, contact us for a commercial services quote. We’re here to help you!